Breadboard Dock



The Breadboard Dock brings breadboard compatibility to the Omega! Power the Dock and your Omega with any Micro USB cable and plug it directly into a standard breadboard. The Omega’s pins are mapped 1-to-1 onto the breadboard, allowing you to access all of the Omega’s I/Os in your breadboard project.


Love working with breadboards? To make the Omega more breadboard friendly, we present the Breadboard Dock. It is our most no frills Dock to date! We strongly recommend getting a Dock for your Omega to get the best experience and most performance, functionality, and stability from your device. 

Breadboard Friendly!

Plug your Omega into the Dock and then plug the Dock directly into a breadboard! The Omega’s pins are mapped 1-to-1 to the breadboard headers, so it’s about as close as you can get to plugging the Omega directly into a breadboard.


Provide power to the Omega and Dock with any Micro USB cable. The Dock includes a regulator circuit that ensures the Omega always receives the stable 3.3V it needs to operate optimally. Also included is a Reset Button; press to reboot your Omega, hold it for 10 seconds to perform a factory restore.

Technical Details

  • 1x Micro USB Port – Power
  • 1x Reset Button
  • 2x 16-pin breadboard compatible header


Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg


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