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Things around us are becoming increasingly connected. "Dumb" devices are becoming smarter as they gain the ability to interact with the Internet. Onion is at the forefront of this movement. We provide a platform that makes it easy for hardware companies to create and manage connected devices. We allow hardware companies to focus their energy and resources on their strength - designing, manufacturing and distributing hardware products.

You are at the forefront of something that could be a huge part of the future.

- Steve Wozniak -


Onion provides a hardware + cloud platform that make it quick, easy and economical to connect anything to the web.

Onion Connect

The Onion Connect is a set of firmware libraries that allows Internet-connected devices to integrate with the Onion Cloud. Popular platforms such as the Arduino and RaspberryPi are supported.

Onion Cloud

The Onion Cloud is the bridge that allows devices to interact with each other and with third-party webservices. It also enables devices to delegate computationally intensive tasks to the cloud.

Onion App SDK

The Onion App SDK makes it easy to build mobile & web applications to interact with the connected devices. It enables a simple, consistent end-user experience across multiple products.

Superior ROI

Save millions of dollars in operating expenses and capital expenses across your full IoT product lifecycle, compared to trying to do it all in-house.

Onion vs. Build it yourself


Starting at $99


  • Dedicated cloud software platform
  • Open source cloud firmware
  • Hosted on reliable servers
  • End-to-end SSL encryption layer
  • Native application SDKs
  • Prevetted M2M protocols
Build It



  • Hire and manage cloud developers
  • Hire and manage firmware engineers
  • Test on various hosting services
  • Encrypt your own data
  • Build your own application libraries
  • Test many protocols


Got problems? We have the solutions!
Home Automation

Creating the next big product for the smart home? Onion's products make it simple to get your product online and changing the world.


Wearables are an ever evolving product requiring quick iteration cycles. Fortunately, Onion's platform allows your product to be secure and scalable so you can focus on your wearable's next iteration.


Bringing your existing line of products into the Internet of Things era? Utilize Onion's retrofitting solutions to bring your existing products online in days, not months.


Teaching connected device prototyping and hardware programming? Onion is a great tool for teaching connected devices. We provide libraries for many educational devices like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi.


Creating an amazing product to track belongings but have no idea how to access all that data? Use one part of or all of Onion's platform to make your tracking product's data securely accessible over the internet.

Sensors and Security

Are you creating the most precise and accurate sensors but have no idea how to internet enable them? Onion provides products specifically suited for pushing data to the cloud for your product.


Meet the Amazing Team behind Onion
Boken Lin
Zheng Han
Patrick Shields
Senior Firmware Engineer
Kohshean Kuda
VP, Sales
Stephen Wong
VP, Growth
Ran Gong
Senior Web Developer

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