Surface Mount Packaged version of the Omega2
For High Volume Commercial and Industrial OEMs

The Omega2S is a surface-mount packaged version of the Omega2 module, which has been developed by the team at Onion Corp. It is based on the same functional design, and includes the same MT7688 SoC Microprocessor, DDR2 DRAM and Flash memory used in the original through-hole version of the Omega2.

  • Low profile – only 2.8 mm high!
  • Designed for high-volume manufacturing of surface mount PCBs with pick and place machinery
  • Two memory size versions, similar to the Omega2
    • Omega2S 64 MB DRAM, 16 MB Flash
    • Omega2S+ 128 MB DRAM, 32 MB Flash
  • UFL Connector for External Wifi Antenna attachment
  • FCC and CE Certified

Download the Omega2S FCC and CE Certification reports from our GitHub repository here

Download the Omega2S PCB Layout and drawing files from our GitHub repository here



Omega2S Development Kits

The Omega2S Development Kit includes everything you need to fully evaluate the functionality of the Omega2S Module and begin the development of your IoT product

  • Easy insertion socket for the Omega2S Module
  • USB, Micro-USB, Ethernet Connectors
  • Barrel Power Jack
  • Connectors Pins for all Input/Output Signals
  • Dual Reset Functions


Two Versions of Development Board! (eMMC version shown)

  • OM2S-DK-SD: SD Card Slot version (with 8GB Micro SD Card Included) – Available NOW
  • OM2S-DK-EM: 8GB eMMC Memory version – Available NOW


Download the schematics of the development kits from our GitHub repository here

Each kit includes:

  1. Board of your choice
  2. Four (4) Omega2S modules (Either 4 Omega2S+ or 2 Omega2S and 2 Omega2S+ modules, depending on availability)
  3. 2 dBi uFL Tape Antenna (the same one that we used in our FCC/CE Certification)
  4. Micro USB Cable
  5. Ethernet Cable
  6. 8 GB SD Card (SD version only)


All for $249.00         Available for order NOW – Contact 


Zheng Han