ADC Expansion



Omega2 can now read all types of analog voltages and sensors with the help of this ADC Expansion. Read and interpret up to 4 analog voltage or sensor inputs, each with 16 bits of precision.


The Omega ADC Expansion will bring a new world – the analog world – directly to your Omega2 projects. Based on the ADS1115 analog-to-digital converter chip, this Expansion provides 4 analog input channels, each with 16 bits of precision at a maximum of 860 samples per second, and communicates with your Omega using I2C.

With this Expansion, your Omega will be able to read and interpret analog signals! This opens the door to a whole bunch of sensors. Directly connect up to 4 analog signals to the female header on the board and safely sample analog voltages from -6V to +6V. There’s also power and ground headers for each analog input, providing an easy way to power your sensors.

We’re huge fans of the Grove family of sensors, actuators and controllers, so we’ve included 3 Grove connectors right on the ADC Expansion. Two connectors are analog, and the third is digital I2C.

A nice bonus about the ADC Expansion is that it’s stackable, each Omega2 can support up to 2 stacked ADC Expansions, giving you 8 analog input channels in total. The switch on the side of  lets you change the I2C address (between 0x48 and 0x49).


Setup is a breeze, just plug it into the Expansion Header on a Dock and you’re all set. Take a look at our guides to get started connecting sensors and Grove devices, and reading analog signals from the Omega’s Linux command line.



Technical Details

  • Analog input channels: 4
  • Signal resolution: 16 bits
  • Samples per Second: programmable from 8 to 860
  • Input analog voltage range: -6V to +6V
  • Stackable: Yes, up to 2 ADC Expansions, providing 8 analog input channels
  • Chipset: TI ADS1115
  • Communication Protocol to Omega: I2C



Compatible analog sensors

Type Popular sensors
Temperature TMP36


Humidity IH-4030
Light Photodetector



Water Level PN-12110215TC-8
Current ACS723
 Hall-Effect AH1815
Soil Moisture
More Any voltage out put sensor from -6V to +6V


Additional information

Weight 0.024 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 4.5 × 2.5 cm





up to 2





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