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$19.99 Arduino Dock

The Expansion Dock provides an easy way to power the Omega with any Micro USB cable and breaks out the Omega’s GPIO pins so you can use them to control external circuits or connect Expansion boards to extend the functionality of your Omega. It also comes with an on-board USB-to-serial chip that allows you to access the terminal directly from your computer.

$10.00 Mini Dock

The Mini Dock is designed to power your Omega for applications that do not require GPIO pins. Its small form factor makes it suitable to use for wireless applications such as Wi-Fi range extension, wireless printing, wireless video streaming, and more. The Mini Dock comes with a built-in USB port, allowing you to plug and play a variety of USB devices into your Omega. An on-board USB-to-Serial chip provides easy access the Omega’s terminal directly from your computer.

$22.50 Power Dock