A quick update from the Onion team regarding the Omega’s firmware! We have bug fixes and documentation updates!


Omega2 Fixes

Two major fixes for the Omega2+:

  • MicroSD cards can now be successfully mounted and used
  • Rebooting now works

Update your device to the latest firmware to get both fixes!

Documentation Updates

On the documentation side, we’ve added a Firmware Reference section to our Documentation where you can get more info on the Omega’s firmware. This includes a version changelog as well as a listing of known issues.

Firmware Changelog

The firmware changelog lists what has been changed, fixed, or otherwise updated in each new firmware build. It also includes a listing of the difference between version numbers!

Known Issues

As requested by our users, we’ve also created a page to list all of the known issues in the Omega’s firmware and software. It also includes additional data on the issues, like the current status, expected date for fixes etc.

Adding to the Known Issues

If our list is missing an issue, please let us and we’ll update it as soon as we can! The most direct way would be to create an Issue on the Onion-Docs repo on GitHub or posting on the Onion community forum.


That’s it for now! Stay tuned, we’ve got a lot of exciting stuff lined up for 2017 ?




2 responses to “Firmware Fixes, a Changelog, and Known Issues Listing”

  1. John Meyer says:

    I got the 2-Bullet Tuesday email – cool idea, I like it. The link to the web version on the top of the page does not work:

    The link at the bottom of the page does.

    I do not use twitter but what I would like to see covered is commands to view wireless signal strength to the router I’m connected to, maybe other wireless access points and their signal strength too

    • Lazar Demin says:

      Thanks for the heads up! The link should be working now (you might have to clear your cache before it works)!
      Ok, we’ll make sure to cover that on an upcoming Tuesday!