Using the Onion Cloud (free for non-commercial use), you can take your connected devices to the next level;
more connectivity, more control, more things to create.

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Register Device + Share
Once you register your device with the cloud, you are able send it commands or share access with your friends or APIs.
Device Manager
The Device Manager lists your personal devices as well as devices that have been shared with you. The details of any devices to which you have access can be found here as well; the device’s cloud identification numbers, the current status, and a list of the allowed users.
Sending Remote Commands
The interactive Device Explorer allows you to browse the currently available commands. Selecting a command will display the parameters the command requires as well as generate a curl command that can be used to test and develop your own APIs. If you choose to run the command, the response from your device will be shown in an easy-to-read json format.
Cloud Compile
With Onion’s Cloud Compile, you can upload C code and an Omega compatible binary will be pushed to the device of your choosing. Developing for an embedded device has never been easier. Leverage all of the libraries included in OpenWRT as well as the latest releases of the libraries authored by the Onion Team.