If you’re subscribed to the Onion Newsletter, you might already now that the Onion Cloud is up and ready for all Onion users!!

The Onion Newsletter

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You can subscribe to the newsletter by going to onion.io, scrolling to the very bottom, and entering your email address in the form:
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The Cloud

We’ve been working very hard on the Cloud and we’re very proud to finally open it up to all of our users.

Without any further ado: you can navigate to cloud.onion.io and login with your Onion account to access the Cloud.
If you feel unsure of what to do at any point, click on the Info icon on the left-hand sidebar for a guided tour of the screen that’s currently open:
onion cloud
The tour will walk you through how to use the Cloud and all of the currently available features.

You will need to update your Omega to firmware version 0.1.1 in order to connect it to the Cloud. Check out the Cloud Device Manager App Tour for the steps required to register your Omega with the Cloud.

Feel free to use the Bug Report button on the left-hand side to let us know about any issues you find or any suggestions you have.

What’s Next

This is the very first Cloud release, there are many features that are still in the works! We plan to continue following our development roadmap as closely as possible.

Since the Cloud is hosted on our servers, we will be doing rolling updates so don’t be surprised to see new features when you log in!

As always, happy hacking!

Join the discussion here: https://community.onion.io/topic/727/cloudy-with-a-chance-of-iot-the-onion-cloud-is-live

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  1. Thomas says:

    It seems that this page has been hacked, the URL below “What’s next” contains a hidden link.