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Welcome back to 2-Bullet Tuesday, where we’ll share useful tips and awesome stuff sent in by you, the users who made the Omega2 possible!

Favorite Project

Omega2 + Arduino + UART = ♥

Our favorite project this week is a write-up by Shervin Oloumi on Hackster.io on serial communication between the Omega2 and an Arduino Uno via UART.  


The guide builds on our article on Communication with UART1 with specifics for interacting with an Arduino Uno. Using these instructions, you can use the Omega’s connectivity to make any Arduino project IoT compatible.


Awesome project, Shervin! Another amazing example of how the Omega2 and Arduino boards make a great team for the world of IoT!

See the Hackster Post

Check out our Arduino Dock 2 if you’re interested in more Omega2 + Arduino teamwork: it connects the Omega and microcontroller with UART and I2C, as well as enables the Omega to wirelessly flash the microcontroller.

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