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The Onion Console is Here!

We’ve been working really hard to get the first version of the console ready while still making sure all your packages are being shipped out.

Today, we’re proud to present the first version of the Onion Console for the Omega. We’re excited to work with you, the Omega community, to make the console the best that it can be; the best is yet to come!

Getting The Onion Console

The console is part of the latest Omega 0.0.3 firmware and will be replacing the Setup Wizard.

Command Line

To get the latest firmware, type the following command: oupgrade

Once your Omega reboots, the firmware will be upgraded and the console will be ready to use!

Web Interface

The Setup Wizard can also be used to upgrade to the latest Omega firmware. Please follow the GUI Setup instructions on the Onion Getting Started page

Using The Onion Console

Once you’ve updated to the latest firmware, the Console can be accessed in the same way as the Setup Wizard:

  1. Ensure your computer and the Omega are connected to the same network
  2. Navigate to http://omega-ABCD.local
    • Where ABCD is your Omega’s unique identifier, seen from the command line or the name of the AP it broadcasts by default
  3. You will see the login screen:
    Onion Console Login
  4. Use the Omega’s credentials to login
    • By default:
      • Username: root
      • Password: onioneer
  5. Once you log in, the console will be available:
    Onion Console
  6. Enjoy!
    We recommend using Chrome or Opera. There are currently some issues with Firefox and Safari.

What’s Next

Our plan is to provide significant console releases twice a month; one at the beginning and one in the middle of the month. So expect the next update in the first week of November. It will contain bug fixes, performance enhancements, and maybe some new apps 😉

However, since this is the first release, we will be pushing out fixes to any large bugs as soon as they are available.

How You Can Get Involved

We appreciate your help in identifying any bugs, please report them to using the Onion Help Desk:

We will also be populating the Help Desk with common Console questions, so stay tuned!

Happy hacking!

-The Onion Team

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