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IFTTT + Onion Cloud!


The latest news from Onion:

  • The Onion Cloud can now integrate with IFTTT! So now it is possible to have your favorite apps talk to the Omega. Read through our how-to guide, and take a peek at our video demo.
  • Onion Omega IFTTT

  • Create a post on the Onion Community with a simple video to show off your IFTTT recipe. The creator of the most innovative recipe (as judged by the number of upvotes received) will receive a drone kit as the prize!

Onion Drone

Featured Tutorials

Using the Omega as a WiFi Router

Onion Omega WiFi Router

Build Onion Router!

Using the Omega as a Ethernet Bridge In addition, you can use your Omega as a wireless bridge to connect a wired Ethernet device (like an old desktop computer) to your WiFi network.

Build Ethernet Bridge!

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