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Controlling Neopixels with your Arduino Dock

Hopefully you guys still have some holiday decorations to put up, because the Omega + Arduino Dock can now control Neopixels through a variety of methods!

You can use the new command line utility, neopixel-tool, or you can use libraries for C and C++ or a Python module to write your own Neopixel programs.

The jist of it is that the Onion Arduino Library has been updated to receive commands from the Omega to send instructions to Neopixels. So after updating the Sketch that’s on your Arduino Dock with one that includes the latest library, you can use the Omega to control Neopixels connected to the Arduino Dock pins!

Check out this wiki post for info on how to get the latest Onion Arduino Library. We’ve streamlined the process!

To install the command line tool
Make sure you’re on the latest firmware (b250), and run the following commands:

opkg update
opkg install neopixel-tool

Wiki Articles
Check out the new Neopixel related wiki articles for ALL of the details and examples:

As always, let us know how it goes!

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