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Weather Monitoring with the HIH7130


Welcome back to 2-Bullet Tuesday,where we’ll share useful tips and awesome stuff sent in by Omega2 users all around the world.

Favorite Project

Weather Monitoring with the HIH7130

Our favorite project this week is an I2C sensor-based Weather Monitor by Anil Bhaskar. He used the NCD.io (previously known as Control Everything) HIH7130 humidity and temperature I2C breakout board, a NCD.io Omega adapter, the classic Omega, and a small Python program to build a powerful weather station.

The source code is available at Anil’s GitHub Repo. I2C sensors are very handy because of their common availability and ease of use, especially the NCD.io boards that make daisy-chaining sensors a breeze. Great IoT project Anil, we hope to see more cool and interesting projects!

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Pavel Metrokhin