Omega Tip

This week’s tip will walk you through installing OnionOS and setting up & using the Code Editor app. We wanted to make it really easy to take advantage of our all new OnionOS:

Here is the cheatsheet of how to get OnionOS running on your Omega:

First make sure you’re on the latest Omega firmware:

oupgrade --latest

Install OnionOS and make sure you have the latest versions:

opkg update
opkg upgrade base-www
opkg install onion-os
opkg upgrade oos-app-editor

You’ve successfully installed OnionOS. It is hosted on your Omega and can be accessed from pointing a browser to the Omega’s webpage at: http://Omega-XXXX.local/ where the XXXX are the last four digits from the your Omega’s sticker. You’ll need to be on the same network as your Omega to access the OnionOS.

As of today, the full OnionOS fits on the Omega2+ but does not fit on the Omega2. We’re working towards reducing the size and bringing OnionOS to the Omega2 as well!