Favorite Project

Our favorite project this week is an awesome Omega2 Gameboy Emulator made by Maximilian Gerhardt. Max took advantage of the SPI improvements in the new Omega OS version released last week and was able to make a functioning Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator. A USB audio card provides game sound and a Nintendo Wii Classic gamepad serves as the input device.

On the software side, the gnuboy emulator runs the games, the ILI9225 library drives the screen, and the WiiClassic library accepts gamepad input. We would be remiss not to mention that Max also developed the ILI9225 and WiiClassic libraries!

The emulator runs all tested games without issues, but the display was running at a very, very low frame rate. Using the newest Onion OS, Max was able to increase the visual performance of games from 2 FPS to 20 FPS! The source code is also available on Max’s GitHub repo.

Great project, Max! We can’t wait to see more awesome retro and display-based projects!

See the Project!