Welcome back to 2-Bullet Tuesday,where we’ll share useful tips and awesome stuff sent in by Omega2 users all around the world.

We’ve introduced a brand new Maker oriented tier: the Oboo Maker Clock. It gives you full access to the OS and the hardware, best of all, it ships early!

Favorite Project

Bouncing Dot on Oled

Our favorite project this week is a C program written by Adam Buckley that animates a bouncing dot on an OLED screen. The program animates the dot’s motion and uses the Onion OLED Expansion C library, libonionoledexp to control the OLED screen.

On the hardware side, he used an OLED screen (128×64) to show the output of his program. We liked this project since it’s a great example of  C programming on the Omega; about 80 lines of code to make an awesome animation. You can find the source code and compilation procedure on Adam’s GitHub Gist

Awesome job, Adam! We really dig how you’ve put our 2 Bullet Tuesday tips to good use!

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