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Welcome back to 2-Bullet Tuesday, where we’ll share useful tips and awesome stuff sent in by Omega2 users all around the world. Check out creative projects and tutorials that will supercharge your IoT development!

Omega Tip #1

Building Custom Kernel Modules for the Omega2

This week’s featured project is actually more of a tip and is brought to you by an active member of the Onion Community, Maximiliam Gerhardt. Max prepared a detailed guide on how to build a custom Kernel Module for the Omega2 using the LEDE Build System. For some background, kernel modules are code that can be loaded into the kernel dynamically (ie without having to reboot) to extend the functionality the kernel, and thereby, your device.

This continues down the path of our previous tips on Setting up the LEDE Build System and Cross Compiling C programs and goes even further.

This very thorough guide covers what a Kernel Module is and why it’s useful, a full procedure for building a sample “Hello World” Kernel Module, and, the icing on the cake, using this new-found knowledge to build a kernel module for accepting input from a USB XBox Joystick!

Thank you for such an amazing and detailed tutorial, Max! We especially like how you presented a topic super clearly, and then immediately used it to make something awesome!

See the Community Post!

Omega Tip #2

Using RFID & NFC Expansion to write/read NDEF Data

Last week we guided you through setting up your RFID & NFC Expansion and then reading and writing Mifare Ultralight tags. This week, we’ll continue using the new RFID & NFC Expansion, but this time, we’ll be writing standardized NDEF messages to a MiFare Classic card that can be read by other NFC enabled devices like smartphones!

We’ll guide you through the installation process and the hardware setup. Then we’ll jump into reading & writing NDEF data. So, let’s get started!


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