The Omega2 Pro, the next generation of the Omega2 and the most powerful IoT computer we’ve made yet, is now available for purchase on the Onion Store!

8 GB eMMC Storage

NodeJS v8.10

Runs Node-RED

All-in-one device, just add power


Since we first launched the original Omega in 2015, and later the Omega2, we’ve shipped tens of thousands of boards and listened carefully to the feedback from our users. The result is the Omega2 Pro, the latest iteration on our vision for an ideal IoT computer:

  • Efficient: Power efficient but has computing horse-power
  • Connected: Wi-Fi connectivity out of the box
  • Versatile: Linux-based with lots of hardware expansions
  • Compact: Easily embeddable form-factor
  • Portable: Built-in LiPo battery management
  • Scalable: Perfect for prototypes and production


A common theme we heard from our users of previous Omega iterations was that they felt constrained by storage space. The gigabytes of storage on the Omega2 Pro will allow you to build rich, modern applications, with plenty of space to hold libraries, assets, media, and more.