Favorite Project

Our favorite project this week is an Omega and Amazon AWS powered IoT dashboard made by Devan Sabaratnam. This project serves as an internet-accessible temperature and humidity monitor for Devan’s guitar room, allowing him to make sure his guitars are doing well even when he’s away for extended periods of time.

On the hardware side, Devan used an Omega, an Expansion Dock, and a DHT22 sensor. On the software side, Mosquitto MQTT is used to interact with the AWS IoT service and a Node.JS program runs in the background to collect temperature data and publish it to AWS. By adding his Omega as a thing on Amazon’s IoT cloud and piping the incoming data to a database, Devan is able to see the temperature and humidity in his guitar room on a website in almost real time! The site can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, and Devan can get in touch with his family members to rectify any environmental changes in the guitar room!

His post outlines all of the required steps in detail and can be used as a baseline for your own AWS IoT+Omega projects! While Devan used the classic Omega, everything will work on the Omega2 as well. Thanks for sharing your awesome project in such detail, Devan, you rock!

See the Project Post!