If you have a technical question or are experiencing a technical issue follow this support guide

First check our extensive online documentation for more information about the topic of interest.

If there is nothing relevant in the documentation, try searching the Onion Community Forum. It’s likely that other users have encountered a similar situation and perhaps posted a solution or their debugging efforts.

If you cannot find any solutions or pointers for your issue in the documentation or Community, please create a new post on the Community.

In order for our team and other Community users to be effective in providing feedback and support, you will need to help us fully understand the issue you’re experiencing.

When posting your issue on the community, please make sure to communicate the following:

  • Product being used and firmware version
    • For Omega2, Omega2+, Omega2S, or Omega2S+, please provide some details about the carrier board being used. Is it an Omega2S Dev Kit, an Omega2 Dock, or is it custom hardware?
  • Description of the issue and context
  • Expected Behavior
  • Observed Behavior
  • Steps to reproduce the issue
  • What’s been attempted to resolve the issue
  • What can we do to help?
  • Attachments (if any)
Once you’ve posted your issue on the Community, you can notify our team by completing the form below. We’ll look into it and provide feedback on the Community.

This way, the entire Onion community will benefit from this collaborative problem solving and knowledge exchange!