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Omega2 Wireless LiDAR Kit



Onion’s wireless LiDAR solution offers a new indoor 360˚ 2D LiDAR scanner that uses rotating laser ranging to measure and map exact distances to indoor surroundings. For the first time, users can seamlessly integrate a wireless and mobile LiDAR unit with a full workstation through the Omega2’s wireless connectivity.

Connecting Onion’s 360˚ 2D LiDAR unit to the Omega2 allows for the transmission of raw data to any computer in the local network. This wireless LiDAR solution allows users to take full advantage of powerful visualization and navigation software while their untethered LiDAR unit is deployed in the field in real time. Software included in the kit uses raw scan data to produce a 2D 360˚ visualization of the LiDAR’s surroundings up to 8 meters away.

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Thanks to the Omega2, the kit enables the active transmission of the LiDAR USB signal over WiFi. This wireless integration allows for any computer on the local network to connect to the LiDAR unit as if it were physically plugged in. You can deploy your LiDAR scanner in the field while receiving real-time data on your workstation!

What’s Included

  • Omega2+
  • Power Dock 2
  • 360˚ LiDAR Scanner
  • LiDAR control board
  • 2x MicroUSB cables


LiDAR specifications:

  • Performs 2D 360˚ scans
  • Up to 5000 samples/second
  • A range of 8 meters


The LiDAR Scanner uses Laser technology and complies with FDA Class I standards. It is non-hazardous to human eyes.

The Omega2 Wireless LiDAR Kit connected and actively scanning:

* LiPo battery and USB battery not included


The included Windows LiDAR Visualization software:



How to Use This Kit

See the full online Quickstart Guide for all details!

Since LiDAR uses pulsing laser light to determine distance, operating in direct sunlight may affect the accuracy of the measurements. Warning: Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may damage the light sensor!

LiDAR Scanner Details

0.2Meters ~ 8 Meters
Sample Rate
Scan Rate
4 ~ 10 Rotation/Sec
Laser Wavelength
Laser Power
3mW (max)
Distance Accuracy
Rated Power
(Inc. Motor)
Measurement Circuit: DC 5V
Motor Driver: DC3.3V
Boot Current
Running Current
108mm * 76mm * 51mm
Operating Temperature
0 ~ 45°C
Operating Humidity
< 90%
Optimal Environmental Light Conditions
< 1000 lux

LiDAR Scanner Dimensions

Additional Resources

See the online Quickstart Guide for info on how to get started.

See our Omega2-Lidar-Kit repo on GitHub for more resources:

  • LiDAR Specifications – Dimension diagram and Protocol Guide
  • Installation scripts used in the Quickstart Guide
  • Example code to interpret the LiDAR data
  • Windows LiDAR visualization software

Additional information

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Dimensions 17.5 × 11.4 × 9.4 cm
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