March 22nd Shipping Schedule & Status Update

Check Your Order’s Shipping Status

  • Kickstarter backer
    • Proto Expansion is ready but will ship out starting Feb-15th (after Chinese New Year holidays are over and our fulfilment center resumes operations)
    • Battery Dock and GPS Expansion will ship out according to the shipping schedule below
  • Onion Store customer
    • Be sure to register for an Onion account first using the same email you purchased with. If you experience a login issue, please contact us
    • All orders placed prior to Oct-19th have been shipped out and tracking links have been sent via email
    • Most orders placed post Oct-19th that do not include delayed/unavailable items are actively being fulfilled

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Current Shipping Schedule

Important notes:

  • Please allow for a few weeks after shipping starts for orders to be completely fulfilled.
  • Split Shipments – If you placed your order prior to Oct-19th and includes any delayed items listed in the table below, we will be splitting your order into 2 shipments so we can send you whatever we have ready ASAP. We will not be doing split shipments for orders post Oct-19th, please place separate orders for available items and delayed items.
Item Info Confidence Level
Omega Inventory available 100%
Omega + Mini Dock Inventory available 100%
Omega + Expansion Dock Inventory available 100%
Arduino Dock Inventory available 100%
Battery Dock We have encountered regulatory obstacles with shipping the battery dock because it contains lithium polymer battery. We will post an update as soon as more information becomes available. Currently, we estimate that it will be ready for shipment starting 15-May-2016 70%
Expansion Dock Inventory available 100%
Mini Dock Inventory available 100%
BLE Expansion Inventory available 100%
Ethernet Expansion Inventory available 100%
Relay Expansion Inventory available 100%
Servo Expansion Inventory available 100%
OLED Expansion Inventory available 100%
GPS Expansion We’ve addressed antenna sourcing issues. Shipment is expected to start mid-April. 70%
Proto Expansion Inventory available 100%
Camera Kit Inventory available 100%
Printer Kit Inventory available 100%

Important notes and responses to FAQs:

  • Shipment tracking for Kickstarter orders – We won’t be providing tracking for Kickstarter order shipments, but we will email notify you once your order is shipped out.
  • Shipment tracking for Onion Store orders – Yes, there will be a tracking number provided.
  • Modifying existing Kickstarter order items – Order items are final and we will not be modifying orders being processed.
  • Combining Onion Store orders with Kickstarter orders – Starting Oct-1, we will not be accepting requests to combine orders into a single shipment

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