Last updated: 28-June-2016

General Notes

  • Orders are shipped out from our 3rd party fulfillment provider in China.
  • Orders shipped via airmail use the local carrier of the country that the package is currently in.
    • Some countries may require the customer to pick up their package from a post or customs office, be sure to check what the procedure is in your area.
    • Please be alert for any delivery or pickup notices from your local postal service. We are not responsible for missed deliveries/pickups.
  • Orders shipped via UPS, DHL Express, etc. will be tracked and delivered using the courier’s system from start to finish

Tracking Websites

You can view your information by entering your tracking number on either of the following websites:

Your local carrier’s website (eg. USPS, Correios) may also be able to track the package as well.

German Post (DHL eCommerce)

If your tracking number ends in “DE”, your package is being shipped via DHL eCommerce (note: this is not DHL Express), and your package will be handed over to your local carrier upon arrival in your country.

Please see the multiple options below on how to view the tracking information.

If your package has arrived in your country, the DHL website (1st link) may report that it does not update the status from the local carrier. In that case, please continue to monitor the DHL site as in some cases it has continued to report delivery or pickup notices. However, please also monitor the other tracking links we have provided above.

Swiss Post

Orders to Switzerland may be shipped using Swiss Post, and the tracking numbers may require the user to specify the carrier (Swiss Post) from a list of several possible carriers.

Please see the multiple options below on how to view the tracking information.


Shipments to China are typically shipped via SF Express.

  • Enter your tracking number here.


  • Enter your tracking number here.

DHL Express

  • Enter your tracking number here.

I still can’t view my tracking info!

If you still cannot view your tracking info, please contact us.