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Inventory and Shipping Update

Hello Everyone,

Two things we wanted to bring to your attention:

Inventory Status

The Omega2+ is currently out of stock on the Onion Online Store! We expect to replenish the inventory mid-September!

To get your hands on an Omega right away, you can check out our list of re-sellers: https://onion.io/where-to-buy/

And if you’re in the USA, you can order from Amazon: amazon.com/shops/onioniot

Shipping Update

We have worked with our fulfillment partner and due to carrier limitation and customs issues, we will no longer ship Onion products from the Online store to Russia, India and Brazil.

If you are in one of the affected countries and would like Onion products, please check out our re-sellers:

We are hard at work establishing relationships with more re-sellers and distributors, so expect our where-to-buy list to grow!


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Pavel Metrokhin