Engineering Services and Technical Consulting

The technical team at Onion has worked hard to create innovative products at an attractive and compelling price point. We’ve also done our best to develop great documentation, tutorials, user tips, and cool project examples. To support this, we have an active on-line community, as well as a support email with ticketing system ( to answer your questions in a reasonable timeframe.

We realize that some of our OEM customers need additional help in support of their Omega2-based product development efforts. This can range from deep-dive technical questions, to system design consulting, PCB hardware and software development and review. To address these needs, Onion is pleased to offer formalized Engineering Services and Technical Consulting.

Upon request, Onion will provide a quotation for services that have a clear set of objectives and project scope. To get the process started, please click the link below and provide details on the project and a description of the work being requested. Thank you.