The Omega2 is the ideal platform for use by educators worldwide. With its ease of use, it allows students to get up and running fast, so they can focus on learning. With its expandability, it allows students to creatively build projects of increasing complexity and explore a wide variety of disciplines. And with its affordability, it enables educators to implement curriculum where each student has their own hardware. And then to top that off, we’ve developed great project-based curriculum. Check out what we’ve done with our kits and Project Books

For more information, contact education@onion.io

The Onion Omega2 is the ideal learning platform for electronics, programming, and Internet of Things

Colleges / Universities

* Electrical/Computer Engineering

* Computer Science

* Robotics Engineering

* Hackathons/Senior Projects

High/Middle Schools

* Technology/Engineering Curriculum

* STEM Programs

* Innovation/Maker Labs

* After-School Programs

Other Learning Venues

* Libraries

* Museums

* Summer Camps

* Maker Faires

This past summer, Onion teamed up with Hackster.io to create a fun virtual hackathon for students

Congratulations to our Top 5

Omega-thon Contest Winners

First Place

Kemal Ficici

Pinnacle Academy
Oakton, VA

Second Place

Ralph Yamamoto

Portland Community College
Lake Oswego, OR

Third Place

Kenneth Yang

Hawken High School
Gate Mills, OH

Fourth Place

Scott Hladun

Ontario College of Arts & Design
Toronto, ON

Fifth Place

Logan Reich

Ohio University
Athens, OH

Onion Corporation is focused on bringing the T and E back into STEM programs