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Omega2 Project Book Vol1

Omega2 Project Book Vol1

Searching for some cool project ideas for your Omega? Take a look at some of our project tutorials, you’ll learn how to use the Omega2 AND make a whole bunch of IoT gadgets!

This Project Book Volume consists of 22 projects that are outlined through the course of 28 tutorials. The projects are split up according to five categories:

  1. Starter Projects
    • Two projects to get you comfortable working with the Omega
  2. OLED Expansion Projects
    • Projects that use the OLED Expansion to communicate various information to users
  3. IoT Projects
    • True Internet of Things projects that use connectivity to bring intelligence to everyday objects or existing technology
  4. Audio Projects
    • Take advantage of the fact that the Omega is well equipped to handle sound input and output since it runs a Linux Operating System
  5. Wireless Projects
    • Use the Omega’s extensive networking capabilities to make a variety of computer networking tools

You can either download the PDF book version (below) or click here to go directly to the on-line version. The on-line version is useful if you are looking for Google Translate to help you read and understand in supported foreign languages.

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