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Indiegogo Valentine’s Day Update: February 14, 2017

Hi everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ll give a brief summary and then dive into the details! We recommend reading this update all the way through since we address many issues this campaign has faced and the plan for moving forward.


Shipping has resumed, will ship 1,838 orders starting February 17th. Will process orders with Kits on February 27th, as per our latest schedule. Committed to delivering everything and improving our customer experience with better fulfilment and customer support in the future.

What’s Already Shipped?

Before the Lunar New Year holidays, we shipped out 1,632 packages to backers who had paid their shipping fees using PayPal. These packages included only Onion products (Omega2, Omega2+, Docks made by Onion, Expansions made by Onion).

Shipping is Gearing Up!

That’s right, we’re getting ready to start shipping again! We are on schedule to to process and ship 1,838 packages starting February 17th. These packages are going out to backers who completed their survey before February 10th and we’ve successfully charged for shipping fees.

You’ll receive your tracking number via email within 48 hours of your package being shipped out!

What these 1,838 packages contain:

  • Onion products (Omegas, Dock made by Onion, Expansions made by Onion)
  • Rocki I2S Audio Expansion


To backers who ordered Control Everything products, your Onion products are part of this shipment, you will be getting a separate package from Control Everything. If there is something wrong with your Control Everything package, the fastest method of getting the issue resolved is contacting our friends at Control Everything directly.

To backers who ordered the Hologram Cellular Expansion, your Onion products are part of this shipment, you will be getting the Cellular Expansion separately when it is ready. We don’t have a definite time estimate when it will be ready but expect at least a month or two.


Note that your order is not a part of this current batch if it meets any of the following conditions:

  • Contains a Kit
  • Has a payment error
  • Has an address error

Orders with Kits

We’re still on schedule to start processing Kit shipments on February 27th! Backers who did not use PayPal for shipping fees, expect your card to be charged sometime next week. We will send an emailed reminder as well!

Payment & Address Errors

If your order has a payment or address error, we will be getting in touch with you in the coming weeks. Sit tight!

About our Delays

We want to take a moment to address the shipping delays we’ve experienced during the fulfillment of this campaign. Since we had previously fulfilled the original Omega campaign in 2015 and all the orders from our online store in house, we thought we would be able to handle fulfillment of this campaign in the same way. It turned out that with the increase in volume, the complexity of shipping increased exponentially, and problem after problem kept popping up, delaying the completion of fulfillment further and further.

The delays were further exacerbated by our survey and shipping payment system. We wanted to offer our backers flexibility in customizing their tiers, changing their order items, and adding additional items. It logically followed that we could not charge flat-rate shipping through Indiegogo. Building the system itself was a large task and then working through payment processing took up a lot of time on our end, specifically the pre-authorized, non-PayPal payments. These problems compounded and lead us to where we are today.

Which brings us to…

Going Forward

We want to assure everyone that we’re committed to delivering everything that was promised to all backers!

To help us make this process go smoothly, if you have not yet been charged for shipping or you receive an email from us about a payment error, please use the Survey system to change your payment method to PayPal. This is the quickest and most surefire way to ensure that your shipment will not be delayed further due to payment errors.

We’ve also learned that, in order to succeed, we need to play to our strengths as a company. Creating technical products and a good user experience with the product are among those strengths, however shipping and customer support are unfortunately not our strengths at this time. For future fulfillment we will be working with experienced fulfillment partners and systems to ensure the best experience for our customers. We’re also overhauling our customer support procedure to ensure customer inquiries and issues are dealt with in a timely manner. When the new system is implemented, we will respond to all inquiries that have piled up over the course of the last several weeks.


As mentioned, we’re committed to delivering everything that was promised and vastly improving our customer experience, thank you all for your support and patience with a young company!

♥ Team Onion


Lazar Demin

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