Indiegogo Update: January 26th, 2017

Hi everyone!

We have an update regarding shipping! We know you’re eager to find out when everything will be going out so we’ll dive right in!

Lunar New Year – Shipping on Pause

As you may know, our manufacturing and shipping facilities are in China. Currently the vast majority of the workforce is on holiday for the Lunar New Year. Since our team is away, all of our shipping is on pause and will resume after the conclusion of the Lunar New Year holidays in mid February.

Shipping Schedule

If you only read one part of this update, make it this one!

Here is our best estimate of the shipping schedule going forward. Keep in mind that shipping will start up again after the Lunar New Year holidays in China draw to a close.

How to read the table: if you complete your survey by the date specified in the left column, the earliest date your package will ship out will be found in the right column.

For example: if my complete my survey by February 6th, I can expect to have my package ship February 27th or in the few days thereafter.

Payment Errors

If we have an issue processing your payment from the information provided in the survey, this will delay the shipment of your package by at least three weeks. Please ensure that your payment information is complete and that the charge will go through! We will get in touch via email if your order falls into this category.

Note that if you use PayPal it should tell you right away if the payment was successful.

Orders containing Kits

Orders that include any Kits (the Starter Kit, the Maker Kit, and the Starter Kit Arduino Flavor) will start shipping February 27th. That includes people who completed their survey before January 23rd.

We apologize for the delay but we want to make sure that the Kits are the very best that they can be before we ship them out to you!

Good News about Rocki!

We were able to resolve the issues with the Rocki I2S Audio Expansion! Orders containing this expansion will ship according to the table above!

Orders containing Control Everything Boards

Orders containing Control Everything (CE) products are being split into separate shipments as CE will be shipping their products to you separately. So you’ll be receiving a package from us with only Onion products, and a package from Control Everything with their products.

Orders containing the Hologram Cellular Expansion

It turns out that our friends over at Hologram need to do another hardware revision on the Hologram Cellular Expansion. We thought it would be unfair to make you wait so we will be splitting up the shipments!

Expect to have all of the other items from your order shipped according to the table above and then the Hologram Cellular Expansion will be shipped by itself when it is ready. We don’t have an exact time estimate but it could take up to two or three months.

If you pledged after December 23rd

We’ve received your funds from Indiegogo and have imported you into our system. You should have received an email with the link to your survey yesterday. Please check the email associated with your Indiegogo account for emails from Onion.

If you pledged after January 23rd

Indiegogo will release your funds to us February 23rd, at that point you will get an email with a link to your survey where you can fill in your shipping address, shipping payment info, and order any additional items. Expect your order to ship according to the table above


Thank you all for your continued patience and support! Happy Lunar New Year!
Team Onion


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Lazar Demin

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